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The CPL Group – your premier destination for specialised logistics solutions. From our meticulous White Glove Service, ensuring the careful handling of high-value items, to the seamless efficiency of our Reverse Logistics and Project Cargo Handling, we are committed to excellence. Our Two Person Teams provide extra care for heavy goods, while our Cross-Docking Services streamline transfers for enhanced efficiency. In urban areas, our Last-Mile Delivery Solutions deliver with precision. Trust our Expedited/Rush Services for timely shipments. Elevate your supply chain with our expert consultation, and seamlessly transition with our Install & Decommission IT Equipment services.

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White Glove Service:

Handling high-value or delicate items with extra care, including specialised packing, handling and inside delivery.

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Reverse Logistics: 

Managing returns, refurbishments, or recycling of products, optimising the reverse supply chain for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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Project Cargo Handling:

Managing complex, oversized, or heavy shipments requiring specialised handling and transportation, often for industries like construction or energy.

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Two Person Teams:

Handling goods that are too heavy for one person, to ensure extra care is taken to deliver goods to customers at a high standard.

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Cross-Docking Services:

Streamlining the transfer of goods directly from inbound to outbound transportation, reducing storage time and improving efficiency.

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Last-Mile Delivery Solutions:

Focusing on efficient delivery to the destination, especially in urban areas or for e-commerce companies.

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Expedited/Rush Services: 

Handling goods that are too heavy for one person, to ensure extra care is taken to deliver goods to customers at a high standard.

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Supply Chain Consultation:

Offering advisory services to optimise supply chains, reduce costs, enhance efficiency and improve overall logistics strategies.

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Install & Decommission IT Equipment:

We can send a team to decommission old equipment and replace with new goods for the engineers to set up in preparation.

Dental clinic Medical equipment


At The CPL Group, our unwavering commitment to quality has earned us the trust of customers who rely on us to oversee their most critical projects.


We specialise in handling the transportation and installation of exceptionally sensitive and high-value equipment, particularly within medical establishments. Whether its intra-facility transfers from building to building or intricate room-to-room relocations, we manage all resources involved – from personnel and equipment to property, building structures, and glazing.

Digital printing system for printing a wide range of superwide-format applications


CPL specialises in the thorough installation and decommissioning of IT equipment. Leveraging our extensive team and fleet, we proficiently manage multiple retail installations and decommissions.


Working closely with IT system providers and retailers, we diligently plan, train, and execute projects while overseeing all resource requirements. Our detailed reporting, complete with photo evidence, provides clients with the confidence of a successful project completion.

Training meeting


At CPL, training forms the cornerstone of our approach. Our commitment to training begins with comprehensive introductory programs for all new team members. Moreover, we prioritise Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to foster ongoing growth within our organisation.


For our specialised services, we rely on our experienced team members who undergo a series of rigorous training sessions. These sessions are designed to ensure that every aspect of these unique projects is executed to the highest standards, reflecting our commitment to excellence. At CPL we harness our extensive knowledge and process-oriented training, including adherence to ISO 9001 and other stringent accreditations.

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